04 July 2015

CFNI Director Avila Kilmurray with Big Lottery UK Chair Peter Ainsworth launching Space & Place at the regenerated Crumlin Road Gaol. 

Foundation launch new multimillion pound programme

The Community Foundation is excited to announce the opening of the new Space & Place Programme. 

This £15 million programme will be delivered by the Space & Place Consortium;  a consortium of experts led by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, including organisations from the voluntary and statutory sectors in Northern Ireland and will support projects that create safe spaces where people of all ages in the community can meet and take part in activities that improve their health.

On Monday 7th May, The Big Lottery Fund announced details of this unique partnership tasked with delivering more than £15 million lottery cash to bring communities in Northern Ireland together by making better use of local spaces and places.

Space and Place will award grants of between £50,000 and £1 million to communities who want to make better use of new and existing outdoor and indoor spaces, particularly those which are not used enough, are overgrown and neglected, or are seen as only for use by certain groups.

Derelict and neglected spaces will be transformed through the grants which will help give people a sense of ownership and hopefully lead to them developing new skills, ideas and connections.

Frank Hewitt, Big Lottery Fund NI Chair, said: “The Space and Place Consortium put together effective and innovative plans to deliver this programme. There is a demand in Northern Ireland to provide new spaces and places and use existing ones better, particularly those that are currently viewed as underused or difficult for a variety of reasons.

“Space and Place will connect people by helping to develop under-used and difficult and contested spaces, while improving the health and well being of local people by encouraging them to take part in activities in their areas. We will work closely with the Award Partners who are highly experienced in their fields and well-placed to effect real change through this programme.”

Avila Kilmurray, Director of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, said: “The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland is proud and excited to be leading the Space & Place Consortium in the delivery of the Space & Place programme.

“This programme will help connect people and communities through the development and reinvigoration of space, rural and urban, derelict and underused, across Northern Ireland.

“People’s environments are key to their physical, emotional and cultural well being. With inspirational surroundings people, and communities as whole, are better able to achieve their potential.

“The Space & Place Consortium is dedicated to helping this happen and cannot wait for community-based ideas to come forward; ensuring the programme can have an impact across all of Northern Irish society”.

For more information on the programme, please click here.